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The SCBC was created primarily to organize bluebird and cavity nester activities in Southern California, with most of that activity being in Orange County. We feel that one of the more important services we can provide to the public is to increase their knowledge of bluebirds and other cavity nesters, their habitat, nest boxes and monitoring. To help do this, we have established a cadre of experienced SCBC members who are available to help you.


President Bill Wallace, 2019-2021

Vice-President for Opertations, Bob Franz 2019-2020

Secretary  Jane Olinger 2019-2020

Treasurer  Jo-Ann Coller, 2019-2021



North Orange Co.

Susan Bulger     Fullerton     (714) 525-2428

Jo-Ann Coller    Orange        (714) 538-4224

Bob Franz           Placentia     (714) 528-5082

Bill Wallace          714 521 2540

Central OC  

Dick Purvis        Anaheim       (714) 776-8878

South OC  

Jim Semelroth   Laguna Woods (949) 527-1994

Los Angeles Co

Dick Purvis        Anaheim       (714) 776-8878

Riverside Co

Erin Snyder         Riverside      (951) 683-7691

Posted July 7, 2011 by yankeejim

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  1. Possible to get plans for nest boxes and hanging pole specs as seen on Huell Howser…also, what time of year is best for hanging boxes…thanks

    Lenny Mejia in Copperopolis, Ca. Gold country
  2. I saw your show with Huell Howser and I love the nest boxes. I live in the Sacramento area, can I help the bluebirds up here? Where can I get some boxes? I love birds. I have a big yard and lots of big trees. I think the bluebirds would like it here. Please tell me how I can help!
    Dorothy Horning

  3. We saw the Hugh Houser program last night depicting the wonderful story about the Blue Birds, with Susan Bulger. I think Sue & we used to attend the same church in Anaheim many years ago. We loved the program. Would like to have one of those nesting boxes. Most importantly, we have about three Blue Birds in our area. We have ONE special Blue bird that comes into our kitchen for breakfast every morning. He ? has even taken peanuts out of my hand. I just LOVE this. It warms my heart that he trusts me enough to attempt to come that close. It would have fit in good with your stories last night! Just wanted to let you know of our “Special” gift we have with our Blue Birds!

  4. Hello Since last spring we had a nest box set up for some blue birds seen our back yard. But there were no birds interested last year. This spring we have success. As of today we see nesting activity going on. We live in Fullerton, near Chapman and Cornell, right behind Raymond Elementary School. There may be more than a pair of bule birds in the area. Let us know if you would like any more details about the birds.
    Sherrie & Michael Mori

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