SCBC Resources for Monitors

  • STARTING AND STOPPING YOUR ROLE AS A MONITOR  A handout for beginning monitors Starting and Stopping
  • A handout for tree managers, English version Preventing Harm to Wildlife During Tree Care  
  • A handout for tree managers, written in Spanish.  Treecare for Birds, Spanish version.  Print and hand to rangers, tree managers, land managers.
  • Bluebird Blues,  a book for children that tells our Bluebird story and written by club member, Jo-Ann Coller and available for a donation to the SCBC.  Check this book and another book by Jo-Ann on the Donate page.
  • Huell Howser Bluebird TV Show The Huell Howser television episode on Bluebirds, featuring members of the Southern California Bluebird Club is now available free for viewing.  Click on the link  on this page in the left toolbar under LINKS to watch this fantastic show.
  • REPORTING DEAD BIRDS Click on the link Orange County Vector Control District on the left for information on how to handle and report dead birds.
  • BIRD REHABILITATION CENTERS IN ORANGE COUNTY  Click here for a list of Bird Rehabilitation locations.
  • Beehive Removal   Frequently our bluebird nest boxes are taken over by honey bees.  For bee hive removal,  please contact  Bob McElroy at


  • The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide – This book is co-published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the North American Bluebird Society and filled with information about bluebirds and other cavity nesters. There are hundreds of full color photographs and the photography is superb.The book is divided into five sections. The first section is an introduction to bluebirds and describes how to attract them. Section 2 explains the importance of monitoring and provides excellent tips including nesting timelines. Section 3 describes nestbox trails and how to create and monitor them. There is even a section on an avid bluebirder from Yorba Linda, Linda Violett, and a photo of Linda with her ‘two-holed’ mansion box and a Purvis lifter. Section 4 contains lots of advice and explains what to do when problems arise. Section 5 explores nestboxes and hardware. Dick Purvis contributed to this book and he is mentioned in several places. You can purchase the book at most book stores.

  • Children’s Bluebird Activity Book – Bluebird groups across North America have wanted a good resource to use when educating school-age children. Mountain Bluebird Trail’s (MBT) Children’s Bluebird Activity Book  was created with that purpose in mind. The printed version is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and is written for the 4th-grade and higher level. It provides 52 pages of facts, stories, quizzes, puzzles, pictures, pictures to color so parents, grandparents, teachers and other youth leaders can use it as a valuable tool when working with grade school-age children. You can view the book on the MBT website at or use their order form.  The club has a limited number available for sale or presentation to schools and clubs.

Posted July 9, 2011 by yankeejim

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