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The 36th Annual NABS Conference will be held in Aiken, South Carolina the first week of October 2013.

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NABS ’13 Program-Registration



Click here for a slide show of the 2012 NABS CELEBRATION

 Under the theme, A Better world for bluebirds is a better world for all, over 120 bird and conservation enthusiasts from three nations met October 4-7 in Newport Beach, CA.  Attendees were treated to outstanding presentations by experts on woodpeckers, owls, raptors, Western Bluebirds, chicadees and other cavity nesting birds.  Field trips were made to Bolsa Chica wetlands to observe migrating birds, Mason Park to observe Western Bluebirds and a Great Horned Owl, Upper Newport Bay to observe birds from pontoon boats.

Sama Wareh offered a sketch and paint workshop where 16 attendees learned techniques in bird painting.

Bird photographers Steve Kaye, Andy Tran, Veronica Reist, and Phyllis Connell presented a Photographer’s Odyssey with outstanding bird photographs from their travels all over the world.

Andrew Mackie introduced members to the Mountain Bluebirds of Colorado, providing a historical view of their habitat loss and revealing land management practices that can benefit this species and those that share their preferred habitat.

Steve Shunk spoke about woodpeckers of North America and showed how over forty other cavity nesting species depend on the holes they excavate, thereby qualifying woodpeckers as “keystone” species in all ecosystem where they resided.

Noted author, lecturer and national radio host, Laura Ericson presented a talk on how birds learn, how they adapt, how they change their behavior to suit the changing environments they find themselves in. Laura also gave a slide presentation based on her book, 101 Ways to Help Birds.

Gillian Martin, an avid conservationist presented her enlightening program on the unique adaptations of owls with special emphasis owls of Orange County.

Hero of conservation, Steve Simmons of Central California, offered a glimpse of his many innovations that have helped him fledge or band hundreds of thousands of cavity nesters from Burrowing Owls to, you guessed it, Western Bluebirds.

Master cavity nester monitor and mentor to hundreds of bluebird monitors, Dick Purvis, was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award by NABS President, Sherry Linn.

Other NABS achievement award recipients were Lee Pauser,  Steve Simmons and Greg Beavers, the outgoing Treasurer of NABS. 

Scouts who achieved Eagle Scout and Quartermaster Scout status, Alex Krebs and William Cox, were recognized for earning the top ranks in scouting for their achievements in conservation. Both scouts impressed the attendees with their success and their outstanding character.

As part of a Kids for Conservation program, Peggy Chase, a raptor rehabilitation specialist from the Orange County Birds of Prey, brought live  raptors, including owls, for close-up viewing and listening as the birds surveyed the audience and vocalized their calls.

Entertainment was provided by Kolohe, a Hawaiian Ukulele Club and hula dancers, and as a special tribute to NABS bluebirders, they sang and played Izzy’s Hawaiian version of Somewhere over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz, a bluebird song still going strong after 73 years.

The silent auction provided many items of interest to birders. Wild Birds Unlimited’s table had a huge number of items for sale, but one very popular display contained nest boxes with webcams and videos of a complete bluebird nesting cycle displayed on a laptop.  Two lucky birders purchased webcam nest boxes donated by the builder and original Southern California Bluebird Club founder, Mike Spohn.  Kappy Hurst was one of the  lucky buyers.

Rosie Schultz, from Germany was the winner of the prize for the attendee who came the farthest. Rosie contributed sale items, such as buttons from her International Swift club. Rosie also left with a redwood bluebird nest box kit which she hopes will attract cavity nesters in Germany.

Conference attendees expressed their appreciation and enjoyment for the many opportunities and experiences available at this very successful 35th Conference of the North American Bluebird Society.  The 36th Annual NABS Conference will be held in Aiken, South Carolina the first week of October 2013.



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