In 2019 the SCBC established a schlorship fund in honor of our club’s founders, Dick Purvis, Bob Franz, Mike Spohn and the late Sully Reallon. We wanted a fund separate from out operating budgets of the SCBC and the Cavity Conservation Initiative to honor and reward young bird and environmentalists as they carry out our mission and work with nature. The purpose and policy of the fund is described below.

In March 2020 the club awarded its first grant to a 13-year old reseacher and nature enthusiast to study the calcium eggshell consumption by bluebirds during the egg-laying cycle. The research will involve fifteen club members monitoring scores of nest boxes of Western Bluebirds in the 2020 cycle.

You may donate anytime to give a tax deductible contribution to the SCBC Founders Scholarship Fund. To donate, simply write a check to the Southern California Bluebird Club  and put Scholarship in the memo line. Mail it to:

Jo-Ann Coller, Treasurer                                                                                  

18132 Larkstone Drive

Santa Ana, CA 92705

You may also donate using Paypal by going to our website donation page

SCBC is a 501 (c) (3) organization and your donation should be tax deductible. Check with your accountant.

We appreciate your support of young environmental enthusiasts.



Overview: The Southern California Bluebird Club (SCBC) may seek donations for and/or hold and administer a portion of the SCBC general fund for its Founders Fund to support and recognize individuals, organizations and institutions whose objectives and accomplishments relate to the mission of the SCBC. Funds may be designated for two purposes: Scholarships to Achieve Special Objectives, and Recognition Prizes (as described in section 1. and 2. below). A Founders Scholarship Fund Committee (FSFC) will be established and made up of members of the Board of Directors and general members of the SCBC. The FSFC shall consist of a minimum of five members, including at least one member of the SCBC Board of Directors. The Committee will establish and administer all aspects of the Fund’s operation. As directed by the FSFC, the SCBC website will provide Information about the Founders Scholarship Fund, the application process, timeframe in which applications are being accepted, and when funds will be issued. The FSFC shall establish a financial limit of $500.00 individual scholarships and prizes. Both will be made available at the discretion of the FSFC and as funds are available.

1. Scholarships to Achieve Special Objectives This includes but is not limited to: • conducting scientific study • producing a report or other similar product • teaching, public education and outreach • taking courses, attending workshops and conferences to develop relevant knowledge and skills
All funding recipients must complete a final written/oral report within a pre-agreed time period. SCBC retains the right to ask for a return of funds if no progress has been made in the pre-agreed time period.

2. Recognition Prizes Funds issued to individuals in recognition of achievement or service in the interest of bird protection and/or bird conservation with an emphasis on benefitting cavity nesting birds. Funds in this case are not intended to finance any specific activities of the recipients and may not impose conditions on the manner in which the prize may be expended by the recipient.

Eligible individuals for Scholarships and Prizes may include: • Undergraduate and graduate students, scholars and professionals • Minors who have demonstrated overall personal responsibility, dedication and passion for some aspect of the SCBC’s mission, and who, when necessary to complete their objective, will have strong adult support and supervision. Nondiscriminatory Policy: The selection process shall not take into account a candidate’s race, financial resources, sexual preference or physical disability. All stages of the review process will be conducted under the following conflict of interest rules: There are several bases for conflict of interests: Employment, financial benefit, personal and professional relationships and other interests. Any one condition, whether real or apparent, will serve to disqualify a member of the FSFC or any other individual from participating during the review of an application or proposal. All reviewing FSFC members must maintain the confidentiality of the proceeding and associated materials and not disclose to any other individual any matter or information related to the review proceedings.

Application and selection process for recipients of Scholarships and Prizes: The FSFC shall accept recommendations for recipients from SCBC members, donors, faculty of credited educational institutions, regional non-profits and community organizations. Preference will be given to applicants residing in California. Adults only may recommend minors for Scholarships and Prizes. All applications, whether submitted directly from an applicant or person recommending them, must be in a PDF electronic format, and include all additional attachments required in the criteria for application. Members of the FSFC will review and select recipients within the stated time frame. Awards and prizes will be issued by the SCBC Treasurer. Duplicate records of all applications and payments issued will be maintained by the President and Secretary.



SCBC FSF Scholarship APP

SCBC FSF Recognition APP




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